Friday, April 10, 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! For me, this week has flown by! I can't believe that it is already the weekend! How was your week? Check out the five high points of my week:

1. Easter was great! I had a lovely time worshiping and listening to a great sermon. Then I went to my aunt's house and stayed until about 4:30-5:00 PM. While we were there, we ate some delicious food, played a game, and just spent some good old time together. Then I went home and ate leftovers for dinner. It was a great day!

2. On Monday, I wrote a post on a new and exciting series coming to the blog. I am very excited about it! It is going to be so much fun! You can read about it here. Also if anyone knows of a poll plug-in PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Thanks!

3. Right now (well, not exactly now, but earlier, and after I write this post), I am sitting outside on a beach chair soaking up the sun and reading a great book. The book I'm reading is Love Idol: Letting Go of Your Need for Approval -and Seeing Yourself Through God's Eyes by Jennifer Dukes Lee. It is REALLY good, and I've only read the forward and the introduction!

4. I am very excited for the weekend because IT IS EMPTY! I have nowhere to go and not much to do! I am looking forward to some time to just chill and relax. :)

5. I had some pretty good posts this week! Just in case you missed them, here they are:

Have a good weekend!

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