Friday, April 3, 2015

High Five for Friday + a Sneak Peek!

Happy Friday! I seriously can't believe that it is already April! Where has the time gone?! How has your week been? I've had a great week! Check out the five high points of my week:

1. On Monday I went shopping for some more Spring clothes, and I popped into Michael's since it is right by where I was shopping. I, obviously, made a beeline for the clearance section. To my great delight, I found the cutest ring holder for like two bucks! It was the perfect addition to my vanity!

Bows and Clothes: High Five for Friday + a Sneak Peek! ring holder

2. Instead of posting the next installment in my Favorite.... blank series yesterday, I posted my Monthly Round-Up. I will be posting the next installment tomorrow. It will be My Favorite.... Shoes. You are not going to want to miss it!

3. Today, I went shopping with my sisters, (I know, two shopping trips in one week! Trust me that never happens!) and found some stuff that I had been needing (and, shall I say, wanting). I found some palazzo pants which I have been wanting for a while now. They were only twenty bucks! I also found a cute dark lavender nail polish. I also needed gum and some hair bows.

Bows and Clothes: High Five for Friday + a Sneak Peek!

4. On Monday, I was going to post an outfit post like usual, but some things got in the way. I was a little bummed that I wasn't able to post it. Then, I was reading one of my daily devotionals, and I felt God telling me that I should post it instead. So, after a lot of procrastination and consideration on my part, I posted it. And I am so glad I did because I found a new blog friend and was able to encourage someone! You can find it here.

5. So, now it's time for the sneak peek! I will be posting (hopefully) next week a haul of all of the new Spring clothes that I got to refresh my wardrobe for the new season. I thought I would do a fun sneak peek of probably my most favorite thing that I got. I had mentioned here that I really wanted them. These flats are just perfect! I love them! They are so cute! I have already worn them, and made even more outfits to wear with them! Come back next week to see the full reveal of all of the Spring clothes that I got!

Bows and Clothes: High Five for Friday + a Sneak Peek!

6. Wait, six? Yes, six. I just had so much to tell y'all that I had to break the rules a bit! :) The sixth thing is that I cleaned out my closet. It is so clean and organized! I love having a neat closet! It just makes everything that much easier. Click here to find 5 tips to spring cleaning your closet.

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