Thursday, March 19, 2015

My Spring Wish List

For today's installment to the My Favorite.... blank series, I decided to post my Spring wish list instead of actually posting something that is my "favorite". Well, actually, the items on my wish list are my favorite because if they weren't, they wouldn't be on my wishlist. :)

Bows and Clothes: Spring Wish List. Jumpsuit, floral dress, grey shirt dress, black wedge sandals, blue top, floral top, coral blazer, statement necklaces, blue scalloped flats. #spring #coral #statement #necklace

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Funny story: I didn't realize when I was compiling all of my faves that all of these items are either a shade of pink, a shade of blue, or a neutral. Totally unintentional!

As you guys already know from this post I have been wanting a jumpsuit. This one is not the exact one that I want. I'm still looking around a little bit, but these few are my favorites of the ones that I have seen.

I discovered this lovely floral dress online when I was looking for some white dress options. I LOVE it so much that I am just not going to get a white dress (which is crazy for me to say because I have wanted one since Kendi  posted the cutest one last summer) so that I can get this one.

I saw this dress when Lauren posted it in two different outfits yesterday and Tuesday. I really do need another t-shirt dress, and this would be the perfect one!

I am just looking at these black wedge sandals. I originally wanted some grey sandals but have had no luck. If you see any PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Aren't these Old Navy tops too cute?! :)

As you know from this post, I am going to get this very coral blazer. I am so excited to actually get it! I have been pinning stuff (to follow me on Pinterest look on the right sidebar and click on the Pinterest icon under the Follow Me header) to wear with it. Also, most of my clothes will look so cute with it!

These necklaces from Charming Charlie would be the perfect addition to my growing statement necklace collection! 

THESE FLATS! I love them so much! They are so cute! Seeing as they are from the Cinderella Collection by Lauren Conrad at Kohl's, I absolutely HAVE to get them!

Which piece is your favorite? What is on your Spring wish list? 

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