Friday, December 19, 2014

High Five For Friday

Happy Friday, everybody! How has your week been? I hope it has been great! Here's a little look on how mine has been:

  1. First off, there are only 6 days until Christmas! Aaaaahh, I'm so excited!
  2. Tomorrow is my sister and her twin brother's birthday, so we have a few fun things planned to celebrate them.
  3. I have officially finished making, buying, and wrapping all of my Christmas presents, so now I have nothing left to do concerning gifts.
  4. For the Christmas season I am reading all of the Christmas Hope books by Donna VanLiere. I read all of them last/this year, but not in order and not all before Christmas. I may not be able to read her new one The Christmas Light, but that's okay because I will have all but one of them read before Christmas, and that sort of completes my goal. By the way, they are very good!
  5. On Wednesday I went over to some friends' house and made gingerbread houses. It was fun! My family and I, and sometimes my friends and I, create gingerbread houses every year to help us get in the Christmas mood. So now it actually feels like Christmas since we have already made our gingerbread houses.

PS: I just really like Donna VanLiere and her books. I was not asked to review and was not compensated.

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  1. Stopping by through the linkup! I can't believe Christmas is so soon! Happy birthday to your sister & brother!


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