Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I'm Back!! (Well, kind of)

Hey y'all!! Wow, I have not posted on here in almost a year and a half! If you are reading this right now, thanks so much for STILL following along, even though I've been silent for waaaaayyyyy too long! 

The truth is, I've changed a lot. So many things have happened in my life and it just got crazy busy! Also, you may recall that God nudged me in February of 2017 to stop blogging for a while. Obviously, I obeyed. So, I'm coming back! .....but not exactly what you might think.

I am NOT coming back to Bows & Clothes. No, I am only coming back to blogging. I have a new blog! I have completely switched platforms and have my own domain now and everything! I am so grateful for all of the support and fun times and comments from you guys! Blogging at Bows & Clothes was so amazing and I am forever grateful for the fun journey! I've changed, and so I decided that I should start completely fresh with a whole new blog. It is called Wholehearted Wanderings. It is about my path toward wholehearted living. I know what you're thinking: what does that even mean?? I wrote all about in on my About the Blog page over at my new blog, but here is an excerpt:

"So far, right now, I believe it means to live sincerely committed, enthusiastically faithful, and unwaveringly purposeful. I want to live fearless, bold, and wild. I want to grow, get honest and vulnerable, and live fully myself as His daughter. I want to be so in love with Jesus that all of this just overflows out of me. So, I guess it all starts with loving Jesus with everything that I am.

I want to live on fire and on purpose. I desire to bring all of myself into situations. By no means am I naturally a zealous person, and maybe that's why I want to live like this. I am the type of person holds back and hides, but I want to become the one who gives her all, puts her whole heart out there. But, 90% of the time, I don't. And so this is my journey, my path toward that."

So, that's kind of what I mean by my title, Wholehearted Wanderings. My vision for the new blog is for it to be a place of encouragement and inspiration for all who are longing to go deeper, into life with Christ. I am planning on posting about almost everything. I live such a varied life, that I find it hard to narrow it down to a specific niche. I am planning on posting about my life, health, style, faith, and pretty much anything else. Haha! I'm still working on it. ;)

My first post at Wholehearted Wanderings went live today! I would love it so much if you would hop on over there and leave me a comment! I am so so so excited for this new adventure and fresh vision, and I really want you guys to be a part of it. I am so grateful for all of the love and support from y'all here, and would love to continue our relationship at Wholehearted Wanderings as well!