Monday, January 12, 2015

You Are a Beautiful Masterpiece

Lately I have felt really busy and bogged down. I felt like I had nothing else to give up like TV, social media, etc. I felt like I needed to give something up so that I would have more time, but I didn't know what. 

I went to church hoping and expecting that God would give me some answer, whatever, I didn't care. A special guest was speaking and he said that God can turn the sad, ugly, and broken into something beautiful. He said that even though satan puts bad things in our path, God can turn them around. He can make even our broken, dirty, messed-up lives into something that is beautiful. 

He also said that if there is anything that you want to fix or change, but you can't, give it to Jesus. Place it at the cross. 

After I had thought about all that he had said, I knew that his message was from God. It was something that I had needed. I gave it to Jesus, but I still was not sure if I should give anything up, and I was still apprehensive about the quickly approaching week.

After lunch, Sunday night church, and after I had made my dinner, I sat down to watch TV (a awful Sunday night habit). The TV was then turned to Mom's Night Out. I had seen this movie before- very recently actually seeing as it is a fairly new movie- and I remembered how much I liked it. 

The movie is about three busy and stressed moms who take a night out that ends up very disastrous. At the end of the movie the main mother talks to a friend. She explains how she feels like she is never not enough for her children, her husband, God, anybody. He responds by saying, "Not enough for you."

My point in all of this: she felt like she was not happy or good enough. She believed the lie that her life needed to change in order for her to be "happy".  She ended up realizing that God had given her this important job, and that He would not give her more than she could handle. She found out that she needed to change her perspective. Her perspective of her life, herself, etc.

She ended up blogging about her experience and saying that you are a beautiful masterpiece made by God. He loves you and has a plan for your life! You are a beautiful, wonderful, loved lady in His sight.

I am telling you all of this for encouragement. I had a tough day today, but I didn't let satan get to me. I kept on pushing through because I believed that God had a plan. And, I looked for the purpose and the meaning among the mess. I was able to rise above what seemed to be a very, very bad day with Jesus' help. I most absolutely did not do this on my own! God did!

I want YOU to know that YOU are beautiful and that God loves YOU and has an amazing plan for YOUR life. But, you will only find it when you focus on Him and the purpose in all of the mess. Let go and let GOD. Don't sweat it! He has got it all under control!

In the end of it all, I see that God really did have it all planned out. I am so grateful that He did! 

I hope and pray that this was a source of inspiration for you. I want you to know that you are greatly appreciated here at Bows and Clothes. You are valued and precious in His sight. 


  1. Hi Sarah! What a wonderful message! I agree 100% that God has a plan for each of our lives, and that he can use the discouraging moments to bring us closer to Him. I love how you shared so genuinely from your heart in this post! You left a comment on my blog tonight, so I wanted to come over here and check out your blog. And with an uplifting post like this, I am glad I did :) I also clicked around to some of your other posts too! You asked me for any tips on blogging. I'm so new at this, I'm not sure I have much advice to offer. A few things I'd say: 1) be true to who you are and your own version of style. 2) Tell your friends & family how passionate you are about your blog and get them excited and reading your blog. It helps to have people cheering you on in the early stages when there aren't many readers yet. 3) Find other blogs you admire and leave consistently genuine comments to start forming online connections with other bloggers. Most bloggers you leave nice, well-thought out comments for will visity your site and comment back. After all, connecting with other people is a main reason we blog, right? These relationships will encourage you and drive some traffic to your blog from people who otherwise wouldn't know about you. 4) Don't get discouraged! Have fun and enjoy the experience! That's really all the advice I have because I'm still so new at this. I haven't monetized my blog or done sponsorships yet. That will come in the future, but right now I just want to make sure I have good content and the technological skills first. I hope this helps :)
    Warmest Regards,
    Cynthia at

    1. Hi, Cynthia! Thanks for stopping by. Thank you for all of the extremely nice things that you have said! Thank you for the advice. It really was helpful! Even though you say that you are a beginner, I think that you are an exceptionally good blogger! Thank you so much for being so kind!


  2. Wonderful message!!!!

    Allie D.

    1. Thanks, Allie!!



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