Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Anne and Jenna for their Currently Link-Up. Keep reading to see what I am currently playing, going, wearing, sipping, and reading.

scrapbook paper, Tennessee, fit and flare grey dress, lemonade, Love Idol book

I am currently playing with scrapbook paper. I have been using it for a 2014 scrapbook that I am beginning to make, my blogging binder, and I have been using it to create a few decorations for my bedroom.

I am going to go to Tennessee sometime soon. I love going to the mountains, especially in the summer so that it is not too hot. When I go to the mountains, I usually go hiking, shopping, walking around town, and usually go to a store that sells fudge. Yum!

I am currently wearing this fit and flare dress. I included it in my capsule wardrobe just in case I would need it to fall back on, and, turns out, I did need it.

Speaking of my capsule, tomorrow is my last day! It is exciting! It's not that it was burdensome, or that I hated it, but I am just ready to go back to having access to my whole closet instead of just being able to choose from 20 pieces. I have actually really enjoyed it, and I know that it accomplished much. More about that tomorrow!

I am currently sipping lemonade. I found this pin with 12 variations to traditional lemonade. I can't wait to try them all. I am especially excited to try the mint variation because I recently just got a fresh mint plant.

Just a short while ago, I finished reading Love Idol by Jennifer Dukes Lee. This book was amazing! It has helped me greatly in letting go of my need for approval and seeing myself through God's eyes (no, I didn't write that. That is on the front of the book). I urge you to read it!

This was so much fun to write! I really enjoyed telling y'all what I am currently up to. Have a great rest of your Wednesday!

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