Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Style Snippets: 5 Tips for Pattern Mixing

Happy Tuesday! How are you guys? It's time for my monthly Style Snippets post. I asked everyone to vote on what topic they would like to see, and tips on pattern mixing won. To be honest, I am kind of happy that it won because I love pattern mixing. I also believe that a lot of people are scared to mix patterns because they fear that they will end up looking like a clown. Keep reading to see my 5 tips for pattern mixing. I guarantee that if you follow these tips, you will not end up looking like a clown. :) Oh, and don't forget to vote at the end of the post!

style snippets 5 tips for pattern mixing

1. Use common colors to easily tie the patterns together and make your outfit look cohesive and put together.

style snippets 5 tips for pattern mixing

Here I used grey, black, and white to tie these to patterns together.

2. If you are scared to wear your patterns like I did above where the top and the bottom are both patterned, try shoes or belts.

style snippets 5 tips for pattern mixing

Here, my second pattern source is my shoes. It looks a lot less busy, don't you think?

3. Leopard is the best pattern to pattern mix with because from far away, it looks like a neutral, and it goes with everything.

style snippets 5 tips for pattern mixing

Leopard shoes are my favorite, but I also wear my leopard scarf a lot.

4. Don't be afraid to go bold
I say this because sometimes, most of the time, bold is always the way to go. Make a statement! Girl, rock that pattern mix!

style snippets 5 tips for pattern mixing

style snippets 5 tips for pattern mixing
I had to include a close up so that you could actually tell that this top is striped. Silly camera.
Here I used three patterns, but it actually looks really put together. Remember that going bold isn't necessarily a bad thing. 

5. And, lastly, use small scale patterns with big scale patterns
As you can see in tips one and four, when you follow tip five, your outfit ends up looking really good. The reason why: the small scale pattern balances out the large scale pattern. Large scale patterns are so bold that they need something to tone them down. Small scale patterns do the trick.

Some patterns look better with certain patterns. Stripes go with almost everything, but look especially nice with floral prints. Sometimes the same patterns work well together. For instance: I wore the polka dot blazer above with a pink and white tiny polka dotted blouse. Gingham looks great with floral and stripes. 

Just remember, never mix plaid with stripes. I've broken lots of fashion rules, but I will never, NEVER, mix plaid and stripes. :)

What patterns do you like to mix?

Voting time!!
What do you want to see next month?
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2. How to Wear an All-Neutral Outfit,
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4. Ways to Wear a Graphic Tee
Please cast your vote in the comments!

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