Friday, June 5, 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday, you guys! The weekend is my favorite part of the week! I'm pretty sure it's your favorite, too. :) Keep reading to see what went on this week:

1. I mentioned here that I had gone shopping on Saturday. I did not mention that I scored some really great deals. I am pretty frugal, so I absolutely love it when I get stuff for really good prices! At Old Navy, I got this dress for $8 and some change. It regularly sells for $24.94, but was on sale for only $10, and I had a 20 percent off coupon. If that isn't a steal, I don't know what is!

I got this necklace and earring set from Charming Charlie. My sister spotted it in the clearance section. It was regularly sold for $13 and I got it for $6.

I got this watch from Charming Charlie also, and while it wasn't on sale, it was only $15. Plus, I got a coupon in my email that was for a free pair of earrings $8 or under with a purchase, so I used the watch as the necessary purchase and got these earrings for free.

Lastly, I got these sunglasses from Francesca's. They weren't on sale either, but $14 isn't a bad price.

2. Sunday started out really great, but when I came home from church, I heard a really strange noise coming from the kitchen. Come to find out, the ice maker in the fridge is broken. The noise was from the fan that was frozen. Luckily, we have a portable ice maker to use while we wait to get it fixed.

3. Yesterday, I posted What I Learned From My Capsule Wardrobe. I probably had some of the most fun writing that post. I sort of started from scratch and didn't have much of an idea on what to write, but words just kept flowing and ideas kept coming. It is probably my favorite post of all of the posts that I have written. You can view the full post here.

4. We have had some really pretty weather lately, but a couple of nights ago, we had a severe thunderstorm. There were flash flood warnings, and I was kept awake by it for a few hours. I am so thankful to God that He kept us safe!

5. On Tuesday, I am posting my second Style Snippets post. It will be on pattern mixing. I am not an expert at pattern mixing, but I do have a few tips and tricks to ensure that you don't look like a clown. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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