Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Fashion Must-Haves

I am pretty frugal, so I like to try to remix my clothes and wear each piece many ways, instead of having a really giant closet and only wearing one piece one way. Since I like to remix, I have lots of basics. Some of these are winter pieces, but some of them are not.

Here is a list of my basic must-haves:

Fashion Must-Haves. Chambray, simple jewelry,blazer, ballet flats, scarf, statement necklace, basic tee, jean jacket, black jeans, white jeans, ankle boots, riding boots.

1. Chambray button down.
If you haven't already noticed, I really love my chambray shirt! It is so functional, and there are about a gazillion ways to wear them. I got mine from Old Navy. I think that my favorite thing about chambray shirts is that they are great for layering, which is probably my favorite thing to do! :) You can wear them so many different ways. I also love how you can get them in different washes. They are so classy, too! You can buy some here and here

2. White jeans or black jeans

In my opinion, you have to have a good pair of jeans that aren't your typical blue jeans. For instance: black jeans or white jeans. I believe that you have to have some variety when it comes to pants. I actually own a pair of boyfriend style white jeans and black skinny jeans. [ I would say that you definitely need a good pair of skinny jeans, but I'm pretty sure that that's common sense. :) ]. At first I though that I would never be able to wear white jeans becasue here in South Carolina in spring and summer we wear shorts. But, I learned that the rule about not wearing white after Labor Day is a rule to be broken, and now I love wearing white jeans in the Fall and Winter. You can buy a white pair here and a black pair here.

3. White tee

You can never go wrong with a good white tee shirt. They are very versatile and they look good on anybody. I like a nice scoop neck, but some people prefer v-neck. I would also sat that a few different colors of solid tees would be great, too. You can get one here.

4. Blazer

I would say that you absolutely have to have a black blazer, but I don't even have one. So, I would say that you just need a blazer. Whether it's patterned, navy, white, black, coral even. Just something that is functional and that fits your style. I would give you places to buy one, but I don't know what kind of blazer that you would buy because that is totally up to you. I have a navy and white polka dot one, but some people would never imagine wearing a patterned blazer. Some might want a colorful one. It's all up to you. :)

5. Ballet flats

Ahhh, the ballet flat how I love thee. They are so functional, comfy, cute, and they come in so many different styles, colors, and patterns. Just like the blazers, I won't put places to buy ballet flats because what kind you get is totally up to your taste. Also, almost every store in the world sells them, so they will not be hard to find.

6. Riding boots/Ankle boots

Riding boots are mandatory. They are functional and go with literally EVERY outfit. I love, love, love ankle boots, too, but they are a little bit trickier to style. I would pick brown or cognac for the riding boots because I think that brown goes with more. Again, though, it is totally up to your closet and preferences.

Ankle boots are just as functional as riding boots, but like I said above, they are a little harder to style. As for ankle boots, I would buy whatever fit my wardrobe because there are so many colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. And because there is a big variety of riding boots and ankle boots, I will let you shop around. 


I love scarves! They are definitely a staple! You can get so many different patterns, colors, fabrics, and styles. There are thousands of different kinds to choose from. Infinity scarves are probably my favorite, but I like all of them. I'll let you do the shopping again (and it's not just because I might be a little lazy)  :). 

8. Simple jewelry

Simple jewelry is beyond any doubt essential. It's pretty, delicate, and can totally find something to match your style preferences. I'll leave the shopping up to you again.

9. Statement necklaces

You've probably realized how much I love statement necklaces. They are the perfect addition to any and every outfit. I love them because there is such a wide variety of them. They dress outfits/pieces up, they add flair, color, and instant sophistication. They are all so different, so I will leave the shopping up to you again. I do find a lot of mine at Forever 21 and Charming Charlie.

10. Jean jacket

Jean jackets are the best completer piece that you can own. They are great for layering, adding interest to your outfit, or keeping warm. I love them because they can be paired with so many different things. I said jean jackets because they are the most common and probably cheapest jacket out there. Leather jackets and military-style jackets are great, too. I am always wearing mine! I got mine at Old Navy and you can find it here.

Well, that is all! Hope this helps! Thanks for stopping by! What is one of your must-haves?

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