Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Eye Catchers: Fall Trends

UPDATE: Sorry, it is kind of hard to read. Something is wrong with my computer. I am hoping to try to fix this, but sorry for now!!

Eye Catchers is a new thing that I am starting. It is a post compiled of all of the clothing items or accessories that are either popular, ones I really like right now, or things that have caught my eye lately. Here's my first edition:

Eye Catchers 1. cognac booties, puffer vest, oversized cardigans, gingham button downs, blanket scarves

1. Cognac Booties
Ankle boots and booties in general have become very popular, but I find myself a little more drawn to cognac or brown ones. I love these because they have enough of a heel, but it is not too tall. I also love how the buckles add some interest.
2. Puffer Vests
I have seen vests EVERYWHERE, but especially puffer or quilted vests. Vests aren't really my cup of tea, but I kind of like this one. Another reason why I do not really where vests is because it's not too cold here, but cold enough for a jacket. And, I'd just rather where a jacket. All that said, this one is growing on me a little.

3. Oversized Cardigans
Oversized cardigans are the best because they are so comfy and warm! I love how they are popular now because they feel like you are wearing pajamas. I like this one and this one because they are simple and versatile enough to wear them many different ways.

4. Gingham Button Downs
I have seen gingham button downs the most layered under vests and sweaters. Button downs are my favorite layering piece, but gingham ones are even better. This one is nice because it is a medium sized print. Not too bold and not too tiny. I also like it because it is black and white, and that makes it very remixable. (not really a word, but you know what I mean).

5. Blanket Scarves
Blanket scarves are a lot like oversized cardigans in that they feel like you are wearing pj's. Which is my favorite. Looking cute, and feeling comfy and cozy? That's a win in my book. I chose this one and this one because I see this pattern and these colors the most. I like them because they can go with lots of stuff. You can pattern mix with them, or just wear a simple neutral outfit. The first one also comes in lots of different colors.

Neutral Basics
And the last eye catcher is neutral basics. All of the Street Style looks that I have seen have mostly neutral basics. I think that neutral basics are mandatory because they are neutral. And basics. :)
That's all! I hope you found this helpful. What is one trend that keeps catching your eye? And which one of these Eye Catchers is your favorite?

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