Thursday, April 9, 2015

6 Favorite Free Apps

Like most of you, I have a smartphone. An iPhone to be exact. And just like about everyone else on this planet, I have some apps that I use most often and that are my favorite. So, for the last installment to my Favorite.... blank series, I thought that I would share those with you.

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I LOVE Pinterest! It is such a cool site and very addicting. And while I like going on Pinterest on my laptop, I like using the app A LOT more! It is so much more convenient. It is easier to pin pins, and I usually have my phone right with me, so it just better that I don't have to go track down my laptop.

2. Do!
Do! is a to-do list. I am a list-maker, so having a to-do list app is mandatory. You can customize the colors and fonts, and if you would like to check an item off by double-tapping it (I do this). Using a to-do list app also saves paper which saves money. It is really convenient!

3. Evernote
Evernote is very closely related to Do! Evernote is also a list making app, but it is much more advanced. You can make reminders, notes, lists, and you can chat. I use Evernote for keeping all of my blogging notes in one place. I do also have an actual blogging notebook, though. I use it for when I don't have my notebook handy, or when I need to jot something down really quickly. Evernote can also sync to your computer, so you can have your notes, etc. whenever.

I use Twitter mainly for blogging purposes and connecting with my readers. Just like Pinterest, it is way handier than having to grab my computer to tweet. I like having it right at my fingertips. Also, Hootsuite is an app that you can use to schedule your tweets and keep up with your Twitter account.

5. Charity Miles
I was introduced to Charity Miles by Della over at Della Devoted. Charity Miles is an app that uses GPS to track your walks, runs, or bike rides. It uses what it tracks, and, depending how far you walked/ran/biked, it gives money to a charity of your choice. It has a wide selection of charities to choose from, and is VERY easy to use. Just this morning, I walked for a little under 2 miles, and earned a little over $0.47 for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. I know it doesn't sound like alot of money, but if you use it everyday, you will end up raising at ton of money!

6. YouVersion Bible
As most of you know, I am a Christian, and reading the Bible is a very vital part of a Christian's life. I use YouVersion at least twice a day. I love that it has Bible reading plans and devotionals. I also like that it has a number of different translations so that you can understand a passage better. And they recently just added where you can create Bible verse images. You pick out a verse, and one of their image backgrounds, and just like that you have a pretty image!

What is YOUR favorite app?

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