Thursday, April 2, 2015

Monthly Round-Up: March 2015

Welcome to the Monthly Round-Up post for March 2015. Sorry it's a day late! I was not able to post it yesterday for various reasons that I will not bore you with. Usually, on Thursday's, I post the next installment in my Favorite.... blank series, but since I am posting my round-up today, I will move my Favorite.... blank post to Saturday. It will be my Favorite.... Shoes, so you don't want to miss it!
Bows and Clothes: Monthly Round-up: March 2015. Where I round-up the most viewed post, the most shared post, and the post that got the most comments.

1. Most Page Views
The post that had the most page views for March was Liebster Award. It got 68 page views! I had so much fun answering Ashley's questions! This was one of my favorite posts!

2. Most Comments
The post that had the most comments was (drum roll, please) Liebster Award! It got eight comments! I always love it when I hear from you guys! To know that I am not just talking-or, rather, writing-to a wall, makes my day! Thanks!

3. Most Shares
The post that got the most shares was High Five for Friday on March 13. Two different people +1'd it on Google+! Even though that isn't a lot, I am still celebrating my small successes. I have come a long way!

On a sort of other note, instead of doing round-up posts every month, what if I did posts that sum up all of my favorites of each month. For instance: favorite buys, favorite post, etc? Would y'all like that better? Please answer in the comments!

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