Saturday, April 4, 2015

My Favorite.... Shoes

For My Favorite.... Shoes, I thought it would be fun if I did my 8 favorite shoes for Spring. Some of the shoes this season are really cute, but some, not so much. It was a little difficult to find some of these, so they aren't necessarily perfect, but they serve my purpose enough.

Bows and Clothes: 8 Best Shoes for Spring. #shoes #sandals #sneakers #ankle #boots #heels #wedges #spring
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1. Ballet Flats
I think that ballet flats work for Spring because they can be casual or dressy. They are also very practical and comfortable. You can also get them in many colors and patterns, and you can get some that have cute embellishments like bows or flowers. I personally own a black pair, a leopard pair, and a blue pair.

2. Bright Sandals
I absolutely love bright sandals for Spring! They add a little bit more pizazz to an otherwise boring outfit. They are an easy way to incorporate colors. I love blue ones and pink ones.

3. Flat Sandals
Flat sandals are one of the most practical types of shoes. But, they are SO cute, too! I love white ones because I feel that they are the most practical for my closet. They are so many different colors and designs out there that you will most definitely find the perfect pair in no time at all!

4. Brown Wedges
Brown wedges are super cute! I love mine and wear them all the time! They are very versatile and go with practically everything! They don't have to be wedges, though. You could still rock them if they were flat.

5. Ankle Boots
Who says that ankle boots are only for Fall and Winter? I think that they would be super adorable for Spring! You could wear them with dresses, jeans, skirts, you name it. Plus, if you bought some for Fall, you don't have to spend any extra money!

6. Sneakers
Sneakers are very, very cute for Spring. They are really practical, and versatile, too. And, they are in style right now, so you won't have to search high and low for them. They also come in very many different colors and patterns. These are definitely my favorite that I have seen so far! You can never go wrong with gray and polka dots!

7. Black Pumps
Black pumps are very classic and go with absolutely everything! They can also be worn in every season of life and season of weather.

8. Nude Heels/Ankle Strap Heels
I LOVE my nude heels! They are practical, cute, fresh, and versatile! I also like ankle strap heels. These are my favorite because they are nude and ankle strapped. These also come in blush, black and floral.

Well, that's all! What are your favorite shoes for Spring?

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