Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Style Snippets: How to Create the Perfect Outfit Every Time

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Most people like to look good. Some make sure that their hair looks fabulous. Others, like to wear nice outfits. Women spend tons of time gazing into their closets for the perfect outfit. In order to make the perfect outfit in no time flat, one must first choose a top, next choose a bottom, and lastly select accessories.

Style Snippets: How to Create the Perfect Outfit Every Time. #StyleSnippets #BowsandClothes #blackjeans #sequintop #leopard

The first step to making the best outfit for any occasion, is to choose a top. It is important to choose a top that fits the occasion. Also, you should choose a top that fits your body well. You should like the way it looks on you. It should reflect your personality. I chose this one:

The next step in creating the perfect outfit is to choose a bottom. It is important that you choose a bottom that not only matches the shirt color wise, but it should also match how fancy, or casual that the top is. For instance: you can't wear a ratty, old t-shirt with a fancy skirt. You also should pick a bottom that you like. You'll feel great only in an outfit that you love. It should also fit the season that you are currently in so that you aren't freezing or too hot. I picked this one;

The last step in constructing an outfit is to select accessories. To me, accessories mean purses, jewelry, shoes, belts, and scarves. It is vital to pick accessories that match your outfit well. The accessories that you choose should at least include a pair of shoes, a purse, and and jewelry. Other options would be a completer piece, a scarf, belt, and the like. You should select accessories that reflect your personality and what you like. You should never wear an outfit that you don't like. I chose two sets of accessories:

By choosing a favorite top, then choosing a bottom that matches, and finally selecting accessories that reflect you and your personality, it is possible to create the best outfit for any occasion, Picking a top that you love and fits the occasion is key. Select a bottom that matches the top and looks good on you. Gather a few accessories that match and reflect you and your style. Next time you pick an outfit, be sure to carefully choose individual pieces so that you don't end up looking out of place.

These are the finished outfits:

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