Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Most Popular Color for the Year- Light Pink

Happy Tuesday! I hope that you had a good Monday. Mine was nice, but busy. Busy can mean good sometimes, though. Busy means I'm not sick and I have great friends and responsibilities. That's not all that bad, right? :)

Today, I am sharing with you a compilation of clothes and accessories that are all in light pink which is the most popular color for this year.

The Most Popular Color for the Year pink necklace earrings top sweater tee bracelet clutch crossbody purse

My search to find items in this light pink color proves just how popular light pink is for 2016. I found countless pieces. I wish I could have showed you all of them. I am telling you, light pink is THE "it" color for this year.

All of these pieces are $50 and under! Easily, this light pink color can take you from winter all the way through fall. Some colors that you go really well with it are: burgundy, olive green, grey, brown, deep purple, cobalt, even dark orange. 

I absolutely cannot get enough of this beautiful color that is extremely versatile and would look amazing on anyone.

What do you think? Which piece is your favorite?

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