Friday, January 8, 2016

High Five for Friday: 5 Super Easy Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions

Happy Friday! For this week"s High Five for Friday post, I am showing you guys a few easy ways to keep your New Years resolutions. Even though I did not make resolutions this year, all of these tips apply to those, like me, who picked one little word for 2016.

High Five for Friday: 5 Super Easy Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolutions 2016 one word goals fireworks

1. Tell others
It is imperative that you share with others your resolutions or one little word. You don't have to tell everybody if you don't want to. I shared my one little word with my family and a couple of close friends. I also plan to tell my small group at church. A few options would be: friends, family, church family, accountability partner, small group, support group, etc. You should tell them so that they can help keep you on track.

2. Post them/it
If you write your resolutions or word down and post them all around, you will be more inclined to accomplish them since you will actually remember them. I would post them on your mirror, in your room, on your fridge, and where you spend most of your time. You will continue to read them and, therefore, remember them.

3. Start small
Instead of tackling your resolutions head on, try to think of practical ways that you can work on keeping them daily. For instance, if one of your goals is to lose weight, instead of cutting out all sugar, carbs, and exercising like crazy, start small by maybe drinking more water. Then, once you've got drinking more water down, try adding in more exercise, or stop eating sugar. If you don't start small, you will end up failing to complete your resolutions.

4. Ask God
Without God, we can do nothing. We are weak, but He is strong. So, why don't you pray and ask God to help you accomplish your goals? If it is His will that you complete them, He will help you and equip you with His amazing power.

5. Just start!
Don't wait until you feel like it or when you think it might be convenient to start trying to complete your resolutions. If you wait, you will never accomplish them because you will just keep procrastinating and putting it off. Something that I have learned is to just start things. Plunge in head first.

What are your tips? What goal is the hardest to accomplish?

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