Friday, July 29, 2016

High Five for Friday | YouTube + Capsule Wardrobe

Happy Friday! How was your week? It was really quiet at my house this week. Not too much happened, I'm glad for restful, quiet weeks. Read down to see the five high points of my week.

1. The prompt for Five Minute Friday is hidden.

I think sometimes a lot of us feel hidden. Like we feel that no one sees us or knows us. I also think that a lot of the time, we make it that way. We don't reach out. We'd rather just hide in our little shell.

But that's not what God has called us to do. God has called us to go and reach out to the others that also feel hidden. Those that also feel like they're nothing. And tell them that they are something. That they are known and loved by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

2. This week, I noticed just how many summer clothes in my closet that I haven't worn yet. In order to get some use out of my unworn clothes, I created a capsule wardrobe of sorts. Most times, when a capsule wardrobes is created, whomever is creating it will make sure that the pieces can be worn many different ways. However, my capsule has 23 pieces which only include shirts and dresses because I wear all of my shorts. The point is that for the next two months, I must wear either a top or dress from the capsule in some way.

High Five for Friday | YouTube + Capsule Wardrobe ootd

3. For a while, I would show you guys one outfit from the week, but I got out of it. Today, I'm changing that. Here is what I wore on Wednesday:

High Five for Friday | YouTube + Capsule Wardrobe ootd

4. I've never really been a YouTube video watcher, but ever since I got really into makeup, I started watching some. This week, I've been watching some super great makeup videos in my free time. My absolute favorite YouTubers are Tati of Glam Life Guru and Emily Noel.

5. My posts from this week were:



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