Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Just Be With Me

Happy Wednesday! Today's post kind of goes with last Wednesday's post. Let's get to it!

Last Wednesday, I talked about struggling with perfection. So many people here on the blog and a few of my friends mentioned that they struggle with this as well. "This" meaning feeling like you have to be everything to everybody and do everything perfectly, never making a mistake. Since so many people are dealing with this as well, I thought that I would talk a little more about it. 

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In my Sunday School class on Sunday, as I was pouring out my thoughts and being vulnerable (a big thing for me to do), I mentioned the analogy that I feel as if I were running as hard as I can, and even if I try harder and get faster, the finish line keeps gong further and further away. My classmates completely agreed and I believe that that analogy was from the Holy Spirit and that I was supposed to share it.

Tagging off that analogy, if we keep running and running and running, chasing perfection, we are bound to get tired. We can do nothing well on our own strength and soon, that feeble strength runs out. So what do we do to replenish it? If your life is like mine, there is not much time to not run. I have to keep running because I feel like I don't have time to stop. 

Going back to that other question: how do we gain more strength. The answer to this question is that you must allow yourself to spend some time resting and just being in God's presence. If your like me, you love the concept of just being because you feel like all you do is do, do, do all the time.

When we become exhausted by the perfect standard that we place on ourselves, Jesus calls us to rest. To just be with Him. He allows us to just sit in His presence not doing anything but resting in Him and focusing on who He is. 

And the best part, we don't have to get ourselves together before we go to Him. We don't have to put up a facade. We can just come and place all of our fears, worries, joys, pains, praises at His loving feet. He allows us to just be. 

And even if you feel like you don't have time to just be, put down whatever you're doing, and do it anyway. Jesus will take care of your lack of time when you rest at His feet. You will be so much better for it.

Something that I have been doing lately is asking God to remind me to be patient with myself and to remember that I don't have to save the world because He already did.

Thanks for reading all my rambles! I hope this was of encouragement to you!

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