Wednesday, September 7, 2016

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Happy Wednesday, y'all! I feel like a broken record because at the beginning of every month I say I can't believe it's already here. But really. How is it already September?! For this month's Currently post, I am sharing what I have been reading, trying, hoping, decorating, and to-do listing.


I am about two chapters into The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee. I read Love Idol by Jennifer and loved it so much! It really helped me through my struggle with comparison and approval. When she came out with The Happiness Dare, I knew I had to get it. 

So far, it is really great and is reprogramming the way I think about happiness. You should really read it!

currently reading trying hoping decorating to-do listing The Happiness Dare Jennifer Dukes Lee book

Also, next Wednesday, there will be a blog post on how to make a marble photo backdrop just like this one.


I have had cauliflower pureed as a substitute for mashed potatoes, and I have had radishes cooked in beef stew instead of potatoes. So, last week, I decided to mix the two ideas. I tried mashed radishes. I cooked radishes and then pureed them with butter, heavy cream, garlic, and salt. It was actually really good! It tastes just like mashed potatoes too!

currently reading trying hoping decorating to-do listing radishes mashed potatoes


I am hoping for a super good fall. Everything is starting to get back into regular routine again after summer's end. I am ready for fall and am hoping that it will be full of fun!

currently reading trying hoping decorating to-do listing fall leaves autumn


I am not currently decorating anything, but I do love anything and everything that Joanna Gaines designs. Also, here are two decorating pins to check out: 1. This pin is a super creative way to display photos, 2. This one is of 11 projects with old windows.


I am to-do listing getting everything together for Dressember this year. I participated last year and raised a good bit of money. This year, I want to get a team together in order to raise even more money for human trafficking. I also wish to create a link up for it. 

Note that these are all just ideas that I am throwing around. Also, I want to know, would you participate in Dressember?

BTW: Dressember is where people all over the wold wear only dresses for the whole month of December to raise money for human trafficking.

What have you currently been up to?

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