Wednesday, June 8, 2016

What to Do When You Feel Unqualified

A life-long struggle of mine has been adequacy and inadequacy. I have always felt inadequate.  That I am not good enough or qualified enough for what God has called me to do. For instance: I don't have a good enough story to share, I can't speak to people because I'm awkward, etc. 

If you notice, the above paragraph is centered around me. God has been gently reminding me of who I am in Him, and what I should focus on: Him, not me. Monday, I was getting a bit nervous because I knew that there was something that I was going to have to do that would put me in a vulnerable position. A position where I would have to let go of my fear of what others think and remember what God thinks of me.

That night, the Lord shared with me three songs- You Are Loved by Stars Go Dim, Never Alone by Kyle Kupecky, and Forgiven by Sanctus Real. Each of these songs had a phrase that stuck out to me. For the first song, the phrases you are loved  and you don't have to prove yourself were especially prominent. In Never Alone, I found the phrases It's up to you and me to be the light, and
Whatever they say keep on shining to be very comforting. Finally, for the last song, the phrase And in this life, I know what I’ve been, But here in your arms, I know what I am reminded me of who I am in Christ,

In Christ, each of us, young or old, rich or poor, new Christians or long-time believers are

  • loved {Jeremiah 31:3}
  • known {Psalm 139:1}
  • forgiven {Acts 13:38}
  • a co-heir with Christ {Romans 8:17}
  • chosen {John 15:16}
  • significant {Ephesians 1:4}
  • a child of God {1 John 3:1}
  • beautiful {Psalm 45:11}
  • and so many more!
When you feel unqualified and like you don't measure up, just remember these truths. Don't focus on your inadequacy, but focus on His adequacy. Remember that you don't have to be perfect because He already is. The other day, He reminded me that none of this is about me. When I surrender my life to Him, my life is His and, therefore, becomes all about Him. Which is actually much better anyway. 

what to do when you feel unqualified encouragement post

Have you ever felt unqualified?

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