Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Style Snippets: How to Make Your Summer Outfits Interesting

Hi! Welcome to my third Style Snippets post. Style Snippets is a series that I started a couple of months ago to give style tips and ideas. I post Style Snippets posts on the second Tuesday of every month. Don't forget to vote at the end of this post on what topic you would like to see next!

style tips and ideas

I know you've struggled just as much as I have when trying to come up with cute Summer outfits that you don't swelter in. I'd had so much trouble until I realized how to make Summer outfits interesting without adding lots of layers. Here are my tips:

This outfit is what I am going to use to prove my points that adding different accessories, or shoes can make plain outfits interesting and fun. It's kind of like a blank canvas.

Adding colorful or patterned belts, necklaces, shoes, and/or purses adds lots of interest to boring Summer outfits. Following is four outfits in which I use patterned or colorful belts, necklaces, shoes, and/or purses to turn the plain outfit above cute and interesting.

white tee, jean shorts, blue statement necklace, patterned sandals, pink purse outfit tips ideas

Another way to make your Summer outfits interesting without adding tons of layers is to buy or utilize pieces that are interesting enough on their own. Here are a couple of outfits where I utilized pieces that are already interesting.

white tee, striped shorts, yellow statement necklace outfit tip ideas

The top in the first outfit and the shorts in the second outfit are both so interesting that lots of accessories are not needed in order to make the outfit interesting.

I hope these tips helped! Happy Tuesday!

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