Thursday, July 9, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Beat the Heat

Happy Thursday! I hope that your day has been good so far! Today I have 5 simple ways to beat the heat of summer:

water games ice cream popsicle cool clothes water pool

1. Water Games
Water games like water balloons and sprinklers are a great way to keep cool in the heat of Summer. Chilling in the pool, and water balloon fights are also super great ways to beat the heat. I like to relax on a float in the pool to stay cool.

2. Cold Treats
Cold treats like popsicles, ice cream, and slushies are super awesome for keeping cool. I love ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. I found a recipe for a watermelon slushie that looks super yummy; the recipe is here. I also found a really amazing recipe for strawberry pineapple popsicles that look so delicious and refreshing. The recipe can be found here.

3. Drink Lots of Cold Water
Drinking lots of water is vital in the heat of Summer to ensure that you won't get overheated or dehydrated. It is said that you should drink half of your weight in ounces of water daily. I love water, but sometimes it gets plain and boring. Here is a really great recipe for refreshing detox water that spices up regular water:

detox water recipe healthy lemon
Full post here

4. Wear Cool Clothes
Another way to beat the heat is to wear clothes that are breathable. Breathable clothes would include dresses, pieces made of lightweight fabrics, tank tops, and shorts. I practically live in tank tops and dresses during summer.

5. Try Indoor Activities
Sometimes it's just too hot to be outside. Indoor games, reading, going to the movies, bowling, and taking a trip to your local mall are great ideas of fun and inexpensive indoor activities. Those that know me know that I am a shopaholic, so taking a trip to the mall would be my favorite indoor activity. I also really like bowling.

How do you beat the heat?

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