Sunday, February 1, 2015

Valentine's Week and 14 Days of Love

Happy Sunday! I normally don't post on Sundays, but since today starts Valentine's week, I decided to post something. Plus, my older sister, my younger sister, and I decided to do 14 Days of Love where we each post something that we love everyday leading up to Valentine's Day. I will just add what I love into my Valentine's Week posts.

Since today is Superbowl Sunday and the first day of 14 Days of Love, I have decided to write a short, but sweet post about football.

Let's just say, I love football. I mostly watch College Football, but I do watch some Pro. My favorite College Football team is the South Carolina Gamecocks, and my favorite Pro team would be the Seattle Seahawks.

As you can probably tell, I will be routing for the Seahawks today. I will not, however, actually be watching the game. Why? Because I have WAY too much to do on Monday, and because I need a lot more sleep than watching the game and getting up early can afford. :)

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy Valentine's Week and 14 Days of Love! And I hope that you have a wonderful Superbowl Sunday! Go Seahawks!

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