Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Common Misconception

A Common Fashion Blogger Misconception || Bows and Clothes

There is a very common misconception that many readers make about fashion bloggers. Many readers believe that fashion bloggers are perfect. I am here to prove that misconception very, very wrong! We are most definitely imperfect!

Some people (and I have been one of them!) look at fashion blogs and think about how perfect they think that fashion bloggers are. They think that fashion bloggers have better wardrobes, better bodies, better lives, better everything. They look on and into the bloggers lives and compare themselves. They think that they could never be as good as those hero-ified fashion bloggers.

 Don't get me wrong! I don't think that fashion bloggers should have less followers. On the contrary, I think that readers should compare themselves to others less. They/we should try to realize that God has made us just the way He wants us to be! He doesn't like it when we compare.

I also think that fashion blogs should be a place to help women to love their God-given bodies. Where they can go to feel like a million bucks. Because they/you are MORE than a million bucks!

That is one reason why I started this blog. I want to show that fashion blogs are meant for inspiration, not comparison. Fashion blogs/ Bows and Clothes are here to give suggestions, not what you have to own, wear, be. 

Bows and Clothes is here to give inspiration, suggestions, and encouragement, not a source of envy. I just felt like you, reader, should know how much I care. I wanted you to know what Bows and Clothes is here for.

Thanks for listening to my ramble. :)

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