Friday, April 15, 2016

High Five for Friday + Five Minute Friday: Easy

Happy Friday!! Thank goodness it's the weekend! I have had a hard time adjusting back to regular life which you can read more about in number two. How was your week? Keep on reading to see how mine went!

1. The Five Minute Friday prompt today is easy:

I believe that a lot of us get stuck only doing what's easy. Most of us can say that sometimes we take the easy way out. We eat that doughnut instead of a salad. We walk away instead of talk to someone who is hurting. We hide when we need to stand up for Christ.

It is extremely important that we stop right now taking the easy way. Something that I have learned this year, really learned, is that the hard way is never comfortable. It will never be fun, or easy. It will only always be hard and uncomfortable.

In the end, we will see what happened as a result of us taking the easy way, or maybe talking the hard way. I know that when we take the hard way, there will be reward and amazing things will come of it. But when we do what's easy, we will have five seconds of comfort usually followed by guilt. 

So, do hard things today.

2. On Thursday of last week, I went on a church retreat that lasted until Sunday evening. It was in Nashville and I had such a great time! The theme was Called which I believe was extremely fitting and God spoke to me through it. Most of what I got from it was how God has called different people to different places. And also, to keep an open mind and not get too comfortable in what you may think your calling is. I can't wait to go back next year!

It took me a while to get adjusted back to regular life after I got home. On Monday, I had a really hard time getting up and doing my responsibilities, but I knew that I needed to get up and do some stuff.

3. On Tuesday, regular life commenced and I ran my regular errands. This is what I wore #ootd: 

ootd pink lace black skinny jeans outfit High Five for Friday + Five Minute Friday: Easy

4. Recently, we got a Nutri Ninja blender which also comes with smoothie cups and a food processor. We have had a Ninja blender before, but this one different and is SO AMAZING! It blended my shake so quickly!

nutri ninja shake blender cup chevron High Five for Friday + Five Minute Friday: Easy

5. I know that a couple of weeks ago I said that my blog was getting redesigned, but that has been postponed and will actually happen today or tomorrow or so. So be on the lookout!

Just in case you missed it, here is my post from this week:

Daily Make-up Routine: 5 Minute Face
daily makeup routine five 5 minuet face

How was your week? What are your thoughts?

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  1. That conference sounds so wonderfully awesome!!! I noticed the blog change but just a heads up (right now) the about me is in maybe Spanish?


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