Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Currently: April

Happy Wednesday! Today, I bring you my monthly currently post. Thanks so much to Anne and Jenna for hosting the link-up and providing the prompts!

As of late, I have been making my bullet journal. I have talked about it in a few H54F posts, but I have never really shown you guys the inside. Well, today is the day that y'all get to get a peek inside my bullet journal! Note that I have since added a page or two since I took these photos, but this is mostly all that I have done.

Here is my table of contents, 2016 inspiration, yearly calendar, April calendar, and April 3-9 weekly calendar:

bullet journal table of contents page planner

bullet journal planner 2016 inspiration overview

bullet journal yearly calendar planner

bullet journal April monthly calendar planner

bullet journal weekly calendar planner

I have been wanting all of the girly things. For instance, this crochet cardigan, and literally all the tops from Old Navy. Also, I really need a pair of black sandals that are not thong, have a strap on the back, and are not too high of a wedge. I know, I know. I have a lot of stipulations, but I want to get something that I will actually wear.

Since it is spring, I have been spring cleaning the house lately. I like to keep my room really clean, but the rest of the house and the outdoors needed a bit of work.

Yesterday, I posted How to Pack Your Suitcase the Most Effectively. In this post, I showed you guys a packing capsule and how to remix from your suitcase.
how to pack your suitcase the most effectively travel guide trip vacation

On Wednesday, I posted It's Not Over Yet which was filled with a story, a sermon, and a song.
it's not over yet encouragement post song story sermon
Presently, I have been eating all the fruits. For some reason, I'm just really not into vegetables right now. I have really been loving Cara Cara oranges. They are super juicy and sweet. All I want to do is eat fresh fruits, or decadent desserts. I guess it's one extreme to other, right? :)

oranges, currently eating tasting

What about you?

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