Friday, September 11, 2015

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday!! Woohoo! So glad it's the weekend! How was your week? Keep reading to get a peek at my week:

1. First off, I hope that you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Mine was lovely and extremely restful. Myself, my family, and some of our friends went to Clarks Hill Lake for the weekend. On Friday, we packed up the car and left at about 12:30 PM for Clarks Hill. We had such a great time! Our friends have a boat and some tubes and things, so we were on the boat a good bit during the weekend. That's not bad, though. I loved it! Some went tubing, some knee boarding, and some water skiing. I can't even describe how beautiful the lake was. The time spent there was so rejuvenating. Overall, it was amazing! Sorry for no pics, but I was too glued to the view to take a picture of it. :)

2. Before we left on Friday, my Old Navy order came in. I was beyond excited. I tried both items on, and they fit perfectly! I can't wait to style them! They are both classic, timeless pieces that were the perfect addition to my wardrobe.

3. Since we headed back home from Clarks Hill on Monday morning, we had the rest of the day to unpack and rest, which was super nice, but my whole week has been off. Tuesday, I thought it was Monday. Wednesday, I thought it was Tuesday. You get the picture.

4. I know I haven't said much about it here on the blog yet, but you had to know I would mention it sometime. Football season is here! It was here last week, too, but I didn't get to watch much. Anyway, on Saturday, I will be plopped down on the couch with football food in my mouth and my eyes glued to the television screen. I can't wait!!

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Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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