Friday, August 28, 2015

High Five for Friday: Fall Anticipations

Hey, hey, it's Friday! This week, I thought it would be neat to do a Fall Anticipations edition of my regular High Five for Friday post. Here are five Autumn related things that I am looking forward to:

1. One word: FASHION! I absolutely cannot wait until sweater weather is here. I am so excited to layer my clothes without sweltering. I love every aspect of Fall fashion: sweaters, scarves, muted colors, leggings, and most of all, boots.

2. Food. My favorite Fall food would have to be anything pumpkin. I could eat pumpkin flavored anything at any time of year. I am also really looking forward to apple cider and candy corn.

3. Fall colors. I am completely obsessed with Fall, if you haven't noticed by now. I adore all of the reds, oranges, greens, yellows, purples, and browns of Fall. Probably my favorite Fall color is a dark, vibrant orange, but this season, I have really been loving burgundy/marsala colors.

4. Fall scenery. Every year, I never get enough of the beautiful fall scenery. During the Summer to Fall transition, every time I spot a new tree that's leaves are changing colors, I point it out and get really happy inside. There is just something about the leaves changing colors that makes my heart super happy.

5. Cooler weather. I love Summer as much as anybody else, but there comes a time when hot weather gets too hot. From the South, I've experienced hot temperatures and am pretty used to them, but that doesn't mean that I prefer them. I would much rather have cooler temps.

What part of Fall are you looking forward to?

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