Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Currently: August

Happy Wednesday! Today I am linking up with Anne of In Residence and Jenna of Gold and Bloom for their monthly link-up called Currently. Each month is about different topics. This month is what I've been creating, wishlisting, hoping, eating, and watching.

This month, I have been creating EVERYTHING! No, really, in all seriousness here, I have only been creating paintings and posters like these, and I did recently just create a tassel necklace with interchangeable tassels. Sounds cool, right? Well, your in luck because a tutorial for the necklace is coming to the blog soon. Be on the lookout!

Can we all just be honest here? Okay? Okay. Confession: there are LOTS of items on my wishlist. just to name a few: clutch purse, joggers, military style jacket, cognac ankle boots, jumpsuit, and sneakers. The majority of the items on my wishlist are fall clothes that are missing in my wardrobe. I am actually really looking forward to Autumn. I love Summer, but I am ready for the fall smells and sights. Oh, and cooler weather. That would be nice, too.

I am hoping that I will continue to enjoy life. I don't want to get all caught up in all the chaos. I hope to stay happy. I hope that I will remain focused on what God wants me to do. Don't get me wrong. I am absolutely not saying that I want to be complacent and not grow. Quite the contrary. I want to grow, but continue to stay content and focused on my God's goals.

Hmmm, I guess what I've been eating kind of matches with what I have been creating: EVERYTHING. Just kidding. Another confession: (remember we are going to be honest here) I have been eating lots of dessert. Even though I don't eat much sugar, I still do eat lots of desserts with stevia. Let's just say that I am addicted to desserts. I eat one every night, and recently, I got to the point where I would eat a dessert after lunch, too. It was crazy. 

Now, I am trying to get better and eat less desserts. Promise me that you won't let me get to the point again where I eat 2-3 desserts a day? Please? Thanks.

Lately, I have been watching Girl Meets World, Bringing Up Bates, Duck Dynasty, and Say Yes To The Dress. Another confession: I like wedding shows. Shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings just make me happy. Anybody else?

Well, that wraps it up! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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