Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to Rock 70's Fashion Trends

Happy Wednesday! As you probably know, 70's fashion is really big right now. Wearing 70's fashion trends without looking like a complete hippie can be quite challenging. Here are my tips on how to rock 70's fashion trends stylishly:

How to Rock 70's Fashion Trends

1. I think that the best way to introduce any new trend into your wardrobe is to add it in little by little. Try adding a top that is boho, but also in your favorite color that way it doesn't look completely foreign in your closet.

2. Wear some of your favorite pieces that feel like "you" with a 70's inspired piece.

3. Wear pieces with common textures, patterns, or silhouettes. For instance: suede is super common, but also has a 70's vibe. Or, floral print would be a common pattern with a 70's feel.

4. Wear it in small doses. Such as a fringe bag, or flare jeans.

5. Keep it simple. Don't deck you entire outfit out in 70's pieces. Add it gently in.

The collage above is bursting with options for your best 70's inspired look.

Would you try the 70's trend?

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